Anime/RPG Love Thread 10 - The Milla Thread <3

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Anime/RPG Love are a group of PSP.MMGN members who love Anime and Role Playing Games as well as the PSP in general. Although it may seem we are directed at Anime/RPG's you may talk about anything with us, we are very open minded! Officially created on the 21st of August 2008 by the founder of this gang Jimmiq, we strive to grow and expand in numbers! We look forward to meeting new people and growing in this wonderful community of MMGN. If you're an Anime/RPG lover come and join us and be part of a gang! We'd be happy to have you!

We also give out free hugs to the dedicated members twice a week <3

Helping Admins: Cho mama

• Jimmiq

• Tsunamo

• Toki
• Mik3y

• Tokicat
• GunSlinger

Experienced Members
• Yay
• Yosho
• ZePpLiNs
• Tarek
• tiberius
• irocksock
• Ezpay
• l3ailey
• Schnapman
• Kurogane
• Mr_Cricket
• gargoyles

Regular Nubs
• kiryuu

Toki famiry
 • Tokimum
 • Tokicat

Everyones biatch!
• metalliguy
• ninjaBLADE

That new guy
• SirAbers

• Gheytar

Banned for being nubs
• LDEvolution

who is this i dont even
• jakliu100
Anime/RPG Love Rankings
Experienced Members (5000 Kudos)
Normal Members

How do I become a experienced member?
Its simple, when you attain 5000 kudos, simply PM the leader or co-leader and you'll get a spanking blue badge. However, these kudos should not be the result of SPAM. Those who do so in order to obtain the badge won't receive it.

How do I attain Veteranship?
You must earn Veteranship. The original five who helped create the gang are veterans, to be a veteran you must be a dedicated member of MMGN, Anime/RPG Love and be a good forumer. If the gang thinks you deserve it, you'll be promoted!

Can I be a Co-Leader?
Of course you can! You must first become a veteran, then you can help manage the gang. The Co-Leaders are decided by the Leader (Tsunamo) and other Co-Leaders who think a particular member deserves it.
Membership Terms & Conditions
• Must be a good Forumer, someone who follows the rules, helps others, doesn't spam, flame, rage etc This will not be tolerated
• All Gangs are Friends, So you must not be rude to other Gangs! Gangs are a form of socialising so be nice and wear your badge with honour
• Must have at least 1000 Kudos to join, or get 5 members approval for you to join the gang.
• If you Wish to leave you must give the Leader/Co-leader a one week notice
• When writing reviews/news do not plagiarise from other sites or other people, this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
Those who fail to follow these rules will be issued a warning. Continuous breaking of these rules will result in your badge being revoked and you will be no longer be a part of the gang. However, if you are a veteran, you will be demoted!

Gang History
• Thread 1 -
• Thread 2 -
• Thread 3 -
• Thread 4 -
• Thread 5 -
• Thread 6 -
• Thread 7 -
• Thread 8 -
• Thread 9 -

Great, So How Do I Join?
Simple! Just PM Me or the co-leader/s or request here.
No matter if you're a Hardcore Anime/RPG fan or you're just starting out, all people are welcome!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM just Jakliu and annoy him.
Anime We Recommend!

• School Days
• Boku no Pico
• Beelzebub
• 11eyes
• Gundam SEED
• Highschool DxD
• Gintama
• Code Geass
• Fairy Tail
• Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
• Death Note
• Valkyria Chronicles
• Gundam 00
• Prince of Tennis
• Dragonball Series
• One Piece
• Samurai Champloo
• Tsubasa Chronicle
• D Gray Man
• Zatch Bell
• Black Lagoon
• Darker Than Black
• Elfen Lied
• Gantz
• Not Shana
• Ouran High School Host Club
• Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu
• Card Captor's Sakura
• Tsubasa Reservoir: Chronicles
• Claymore
• Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
• Rozen Maiden
• Other (Specify and it will be added to the list)
Games We Recommend!

• Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
• Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep
• Final Fantasy Dissidia
• Crimson Gem Saga
• Star Ocean: First departure
• Star Ocean: Second Evolution
• Brave Story: New Traveler
• Tales of Eternia
• Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
• Phantasy Star Portable
• Phantasy Star Online 2
• God of War Chains of Olympus
• Tekken
• Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
• Disgaea 1 and 2
• Jeanne D'Arc
• Valkyria Chronicles 2
• Persona 3
• YS Seven
• DJ Max Portable Series
• Hatsune Miku Project Diva Series
• Tales of Xillia
• Maikeh novels <3
• Hyperdimension Neptunia Series
• Gundam Extreme Vs. (PS3)
• Gundam Battle Seed Destiny (VITA)
• Umineko

lol nice
Yes it is.
u can all ways change it later
Yes we can.
Anime/RPG Love Thread 10 - The Milla Thread <3

Should make a new banner as well. Ill go make one when I can be bothered <3

Runch taimu [Derp]
kei i rook forwar to et
yes new nanner is needed
cool beans

Schnapman said: cool beans

How dare you
beans r cool
beans r nawt
you r nawt
nor joo
Anime/RPG Love Thread 10 - The Milla Thread <3
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